Eight-Lex Sp. z o.o.

Scope of business

We offer standard debt collection services performed on the basis of the existing enforcement orders, and comprehensive services consisting in the performance of the commissioned tasks including all and any court proceedings, negotiation and mediation activities, if necessary, and enforcement proceedings carried out on the basis of enforcement orders obtained by our team of legal counsels and attorneys at law.

In justified cases and based on individual arrangements, it is possible for us to extend credit to our clients for amounts due in respect of court or enforcement costs and fees. All and any actions that we take are performed strictly in line with our client’s instructions and with an absolute compliance with ethical standards included in the laws and regulations.

In addition to the above, our offer also includes activities relating to the possibility of using an experienced team of our Company’s employees and associated specialists in various sectors for the purpose of implementing broadly defined investment or organisational strategies commissioned by our clients.

The aforementioned scope by no means exhausts the range of possibilities that already exist or may arise in the future. Please consult our specialists to learn more.